Enviro Silver Award


Enviroschools Information

Our school is now a Silver Enviroschool. This happened in 2012 when we reflected as a school, with the help of the Enviroschools Facilitators, on all the work we had done in recent years to work to make our school a sustainable, environmentally aware school. We documented the learning that has taken place and the systems we have put in place and were proud to accept our Silver Status at the final assembly of the year.

In 2013 we were proud to win the Toroa Award at the Conservation Awards. This was for our work on the stream restoration near our school. We worked with the community to clear rubbish and planted the area with native plants. We are hoping the stream will become a healthy habitat and the area a lovely place to visit.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Year 6 Fair

Well done to the Year 6 children who ran a very successful fair raising $688 to go toward purchasing items and paying for postage for the Christmas Boxes for children who live in poorer countries. It was wonderful seeing so many children throughout the school bringing toys and books they no longer needed for the children to sell. It was a great example of recycling and the money will go to help other children. It was AWESOME to see everyone having fun and older children helping younger children. We were AMAZED at how little rubbish there was to pick up afterwards. We are becoming tidy Kiwis!!
Louis and Milo with their game

Baking stall people getting ready for their sales.

Katrina doing a good job selling toys.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Term 3 Enviro Class Representatives

Macandrew Bay Enviro Group    Term 3
The Term 3 enviro group had its first meeting on Wednesday.
           Emily, Finn, James, Josh, Lottie, Rahwa, Erika, Zita, Jade, Ezra U, Gus,Ezra L   are the class class representatives for the 3rd term.
·      We picked up rubbish around the school and were pleased there was very little.
·      We are checking each class to make sure lights are turned off when not needed. The best class will get 5 minutes extra play at the end of the week. 
·       We will be using our green vegetables from the garden to make soup – broccoli, silverbeet and parsley.
·      We hope to plant lettuce, carrots, cabbage and maybe strawberry plants so we can eat them later in Spring

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Harvesting Our Pumpkins

Room 1 and the enviro children from last term and this term made pumpkin soup using the pumpkins we harvested from the school gardens. We softened the pumpkin skins in the microwave so they were easier to cut. We also added onion and bay leaves to the soup. The soup  was delicious!! For Maths Room 1 had to estimate the weight of each pumpkin, weigh them and then add the weights together. The total weight of the seven pumpkins 18.033kgs. We only used two pumpkins to make the soup so we have five left over. Each class has been offered a pumpkin. well done Room 4 on taking up the offer. We can't wait to see what you make with your pumpkin. We have collected the seeds and hope to grow pumpkin plants for our garden next year.
Seven lovely pumpkins grown in our school garden.

It taste great, thumbs up from Room 1

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ter 2 Enviro Team

This is the Term 2 enviro team and we had our first meeting today. We are keen to do some gardening and noticed 7 big pumpkins growing. We thought it would be a great idea to make soup with them for mid winters day and share with the school. Here are the minutes of our meeting.

Envirogroup World Savers
16th May 2014
Rosa, Georgia, Orlando,  Leyton, Emma, Olivia, Megan, Katie, James, Reid, Julia, Flynn, Gemma, Nova, Lucy

Agenda – what we discussed

1. Enviro children need to talk to their class about using their food scrap bucket

2. Every Friday we empty the buckets in the compost and we wash the buckets.

3. We read the care code and will share it at Mondays assembly.

4. We need to make sure we turn our lights off in the classroom and the staffroom on a sunny day. Enviro children to check each day.

5. We need to make sure the taps are turned off so we don’t waste water.

6. We need to look after our gardens and keep the weeds away.

7. We need to make sure we don’t waste paper.

8. We need to make sure we pick up rubbish even if it is not ours.

At the end of the meeting we went out and looked at the compost and the gardens,
We could name most of the vegetables growing in the garden.
We noticed 7 pumpkins and will  use these to make pumpkin soup in winter.
We had our photo taken for the enviro display in the front office and to go on our Enviro blog.

Enviro children are to
Empty compost
Check lights are turned off
Check taps are turned off
Pick up rubbish when the see it
Be good role models

Friday, March 28, 2014

Stream Restoration - Parent Working Bee

It was great to see principals, teachers, parents and children giving up their Saturday afternoon to help transform our stream.They weeded, put down sacks and shifted over three truckloads of woodchips. Thanks guys it is looking great!Our plants are thriving.
They shifted woodchips.

Weeded and put down sacks.

Wow, over three truck loads of woodchips were spread.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Stream Restoration - Room 1's Working Bee

The Room 1 human chain!!
Wow it doesn't take long to shift a trailer load of woodchips.
Tomorrow there is a community working bee at the stream. Room 1 thought they would help out and have their own working bee. We formed a human chain and shifted heaps of woodchips in next to no time.

The Best Time in the Garden - Harvesting and Eating!

Today we harvested our potatoes and Diana helped us scrub them clean.
We baked them in the oven and then put some sour cream and chives on top.
We shared them with our classes. They were GREAT!